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Hey there listeners! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to follow along on iTunes and the email list, so I figured a visual is helpful.

Itunes: by rating, reviewing, and subscribing, the benefit is twofold.  For the listener, it’s easier to find the content.  If you download the podcast, you don’t have to use up your data to listen- it’s as accessible as any music you have! The more reviews and downloads there are, the more people will find the podcast, which of course would be helpful to me.  So, if you’ve enjoyed my content on iTunes, try the following steps.

Hopefully you’ve found us on iTunes.  Search Watered Grass and you’ll see my face.  By clicking “subscribe”, you’ll automatically be updated in the app when new episodes arriveitunes 1

Now that you’ve subscribed, leave me a review! This helps increase traffic to the podcast and gain new listeners.  Click “Ratings and reviews” under the podcast name:

itunes 2 final

Click the button that says “Write a Review” and leave me some feedback! No email required, and if you’re uncomfortable you can definitely use a nickname or screenname.

itunes 3 final

Cool! But even following on iTunes doesn’t get you all of the content! There are free bonus podcasts only available to  email subscribers! How do you become one?

Email list:

sign up final

When you came to the website, you should have seen an email pop up (unless you have them blocked).  This is the same as the “Sign Up for the Email List” link at the top of the page.  The email list ONLY is used for updating you when a new post is available, and sending you the passwords for exclusive content.  Your email is kept private; we do not sell our lists to third party companies!

If any of these steps don’t work, contact me through the “contact” link or shoot me an email

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