S1E6: Serving those that have served

Social workers have a diverse skill set, with the goal to help others find strategies and services to find more happiness out of life.  Alisa provides that and more to veterans in Denver, Colorado.  In this episode, learn what it’s like to work with those who have served our country after they return home.  Alisa shares self care strategies to stay smiling after an intense day of work with some of this selfless population.

Alisa, licensed social worker

Alisa, licensed social worker.

One topic we refer to in this is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  For those unfamiliar with this psych term, Maslow came up with this schema for the order in which our needs to be addressed in order to read self-actualization.  You can see that many of the needs Alisa talks about today fall into the first two.  Where are you?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Graphic courtesy of https://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html
Alisa, her sister Kathleen, and I on a recent trip to Alaska

Alisa, her sister Kathleen, and I on our recent trip to Alaska.  Travel is part of our self care routine we try to incorporate together yearly.

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