S1E9: Baby goats & happy baby

What better way to increase your endorphins than combining yoga with baby animals? What if the proceeds benefited rescue farm animals? Hear about Nadeau Farms, a farm full of animals in need of love in Hamden, CT.  The farm takes in farm animals in need from all over the state.  Classes help to pay for the feed and care of these animals, and take place on weekends starting April 14.  Leah Hilton tells us the story of the farm and how downward dog was brought to the farm.  Sign up for classes on eventbrite:


Check out their website http://www.nadeaufarm.com/ for more information about the farm, goat yoga, and how to volunteer! I know I’ll eagerly volunteer my services for snuggling those new babies this month.  The merchandise also helps benefit the animals- what a great way to show your support!

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