S1E12: Transcending Self-Consciousness

When we come up to some of the biggest milestones of our lives, we like to put our best face forward.  Yen and Transcendent make-up make a business of helping women match their inner joy with their outer radiance, even in the face of harsh camera light.  Tune in to hear Yen’s experience with starting a business, supporting brides, and staying present with her family on this week’s episode

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Yen made time to talk to me during her busy schedule- that schedule included a wedding I was in this past March!  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had some self-consciousness about my skin since recent changes this past Fall.  Yen’s expertise and calm nature helped me feel confident and ready to give my Maid of Honor speech when the time came.  What I loved most is that she requested each of us to send her ideas for what we liked, and asked us what parts of ourselves we want to emphasize.  Rather than being told what would make us more “attractive”, her focus is on helping her clients show off what they are most proud of.

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