S1E19: Viewing art

I sat in the sunshine with Kate Swanson, the Manager of Family & Studio Programming at the New Britain Museum of American Art.  Kate and I have been connecting over the many wellness events at the museum, including the Meditation in the Museum series and the Creative Health Symposium.  We talk meditation, the benefits of viewing art, the benefits of talking about art, and even Beyonce in this week’s episode.

Kate Swanson, Manager of Family and Studio ProgrammingWhile Kate and I conducted her interview in the beautiful garden overlooking Walnut Hill Park, the inside of the museum is where it’s at.  I attended my first sound meditation there with Kelvin Young, who I talked to on episode 17.  There was also the fantastic Creative Health: Caring for the Whole Person Symposium- a panel of speakers bringing the arts and mental health together.  Speakers included Patrick Madden and Janet Connolly of the “Paint what you Feel” program, Patty O’Brian and Kate Rabinoff of the Hartford Healthcare Center for Healthy Aging, and Lauren Pedersen and Jennifer Anderson of the Klingberg Family Centers Outpatient Clinic for Children.  After the speakers we enjoyed break-out sessions, and of course I chose the creative reflections guided meditation.

The art completed by the “Paint What You Feel” participants

If you’d love to attend one of the free Saturday mornings mentioned by Kate, or keep a pulse on upcoming events, you can find the website here!

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