S1E21: Responding mindfully in the face of trauma

In this week’s episode I chat with Sean Weir of Mindful Responder.   Sean served in both the United Kingdom and United States career Fire Services. He was as a career fire-fighter in both the Royal Air Force and Greater Manchester Fire Services. After retiring from the West Haven Fire Department, Sean has transitioned to now serve his fellow Responder community in Connecticut.  Mindful Responder teaches mindfulness and yoga to those who work or have worked in high-stress work environments including but not limited to veterans, firefighters, paramedics, and police.

If you’re interested in his services, or have other questions or interview didn’t answer, you can find the Mindful Responder site here.  His facebook page is linked on my facebook page, where you can see upcoming events featuring Mindful Responder.

Want to know more about those who work with veterans? Be sure to check out Episode 6 with Social Worker Alisa, find it here!


Click here to tune in!

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