S1E22: Wellness through Empowerment

Kelly Murphy of Samatva Wellness is this week’s guest! Kelly is both a yoga instructor and provider of birth services, including but not limited to lactation counselor and lamaze classes.  Her passion to help women find empowerment and confidence in their bodies through yoga as well as the pregnancy process gives her a new twist on some of my previous yoga interviews.

Kelly is a travelling yogi, with classes currently offered (For free!) at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain.  Please check my Facebook page for the details! She’s a busy lady- we’ve run into each other at the Symposium at the New Britain Museum of Art featured in Episode 18.  She also has had events with Kelvin from episode Episode 17!

Kelly (left) and Kelvin (right) at a previous event

Kelly leading a class at the Yoga in the Park series, ongoing through the summer.

Kelly can be found through her facebook page or her email, samatvayogi@yahoo.com

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