S1E27: Yardwork pt. 3

Let’s not get hung up on the fact that it’s the second to last episode of the season (see what I did there?)  Today is another episode of Yardwork- reviewing some of the services featured on the show. Today I have two services, and two special guests!  First is aerial meditation featured in Episode 16, Light as Air.  I attended this with Kate Swanson of Episode 19, Viewing Art.  Next I talk about attending conferences and symposiums, specifically focusing on the Symposium featured in Episode 19, Viewing Art.  I attended with Katie of Episode 4, Making others happy: the noblest of art, so she’s featured in this episode! Stay tuned to hear our tips, tricks, and reviews of these experiences on today’s episode.

The final Yardwork episode will air next week, August 12 at 6pm EST.  This is also the season finale! Don’t worry, the new season kicks off on September 2.

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