S2E8: Tiny Tech Talks- Pecha Kucha

Hey there listeners! This week I am my own special guest.  This week I’ll be talking about my experience doing Pecha Kucha New Haven.  Pecha Kucha translates to “Tiny Talks”; the topic was Wellbeing, and each of us speakers had 20 slides to present, automatically progressing every 20 seconds.  It was both anxiety-provoking and exhilirating to talk live about my enthusiasm for mental health podcasting.  Tune in to get the recorded version!

If you’re interested in checking the next Pecha Kucha event, keep an eye on their website

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2 thoughts on “S2E8: Tiny Tech Talks- Pecha Kucha

  1. Sharing your personal journey during your Pecha Kucha presentation brought your presentation to an entirely new level. I commend you Diana. I went through a period of depression myself and feel fortunate to have worked through my personal journey to finding happiness. Looking forward to listening to future podcasts!

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