S2E14: Integrative Nutrition with Jen Wanderly

Jenifer Wanderley is the founder of Mind, Body, Heart Nutrition and Wellness. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. After years of poor dieting habits, a weight gain of 70 pounds and discovering she had an autoimmune disease, she decided to further her education in the nutrition and wellness field, in hopes of being able to promote nutrition as preventive care and our best source of medicine. She advocates for a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle, and is passionate in coaching people to reach their optimal health goals, through lifestyle choices. Her approach is integrative and combines many different methods and theories based on the individual client’s needs. She is dedicated to facilitating her clients in being the best versions of themselves possible. Currently she has practices in Cheshire and Watertown. Jen is an animal lover and enjoys spending time participating in outdoor activities.

Check out Jen’s website here!

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One thought on “S2E14: Integrative Nutrition with Jen Wanderly

  1. Nice presentation regarding wellness and health. Jennifer has turned her personal journey into helping others!! I will try the celery juice in the morning. Refreshing tip. Thanks Diana for this presentation.


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