S2E21: Reiki, Sound Healing, & Barre

This week is the last episode of Season 2! Today I’ll be talking about 3 different interviews.


First, I’ll talk with Robyn Housemann of Season 1 (ep 20).  I was lucky enough to try Reiki and a group guided meditation that I’ll outline in this episode. Robyn’s site is here.

Next I’ll let you know what it’s like to try sound healing via recorded music.  Donatella Moltisanti of Season 2 (ep 16) shared her album with me, and you’ll hear my experience.  Donatella’s site is here.  

Finally, I talk Barre with Lara Foldvari (ep 18), which I was able to try at Be Here Now Yoga & Fitness Studios.  Lara’s info is here.  


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