S4E14: Sami Jo Jensen of Florapothecarie

Meet Sami Jo Jensen, creator of Florapothecarie- the 100% natural & vegan beauty skin care line. Sami hand creates each formula for her products after being shocked by the toxic ingredients in our everyday skin care lines. Tune in to learn about what goes into her creations, and how this step in self-care helped her rid toxicity in other areas of her life!

You can find the website here to get your hands on her products!

Looking for some self-care inspiration? Join the Watered Grass Book Club to work through the 14 habits that hold women back! We’ll be reading How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t by Andrea Owen for January 22- click here to register.

Speaking of habits, don’t forget to tune in for Making Self-Care Stick! Every Thursday I’m breaking down the psychology of forming habits that help us lead happier, healthier lives.  Up next: setting up the right rewards to keep you motivated. Tune in January 9th!


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