S4E29 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Emotional Lability

What’s the e-motion of your ocean? Do you ride the waves of different feelings each day, or are you more steady? Do you sweat the small stuff, or do you let things roll off of your back? This week’s episode is about Emotional Lability, or how varied and negative our emotional nature is.  We are all likely experiencing a range of emotions during this shut down, so let’s talk about what different strategies work depending on where you’re falling on this measure of the Big 5 Personality Test!

There are so many online events to help you manage your emotional state during this pandemic! Every Saturday is $7 Saturday, where we support a local business by having a self-care morning with a previous podcast guest.  On Sunday’s, there are mini stress management workshops based on your personality type! Click this link for event descriptions and to register.

Click here to tune in!

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