S4E30 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Openness

Do you love exploring new places and ideas, or do you stick to what you know? Are you a fan of the arts, and do you crave creative expression? Has the entrepreneur life interested you, or do you prefer working for a pre-established system? These questions help tease out our Openness, the last of the Big Five Personality Test constructs on our list.  Openness is how open we are to new ideas and experiences.  In today’s episode, we’ll explore the different levels of openness, what stresses them out, and how to manage stress depending on when you fall.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you check all the boxes in life, but still feel stressed out? Have you searched for ways to manage your stress, only to be frustrated when it doesn’t work? I hear you, because I was you.  Let’s figure out what’s going to work for you.  Check out Stress: Managed, an individual coaching program that will launch on May 4.  Learn more and set up your discovery call now!

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