S4E36: Pandemic Lessons & Blessings, Pt. 2 ft. Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

In the last episode, I talked about the emotional roller coaster that goes with a global pandemic; now, what happens when you put several together people in a home while on that roller coaster ride? Today I talk about just that topic with Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, alternative holistic counselor, artist, doula, and author.  How can we make communication a little less fuzzy during this delicate time? Tune in to learn more.

*Please note: this episode was planned and recorded prior to the current racial injustices and protests; thus, it only touches on our personal experiences with the health pandemic and quarantine.  As a podcaster, I intend to amplify black voices on the topic of racial injustices and will continue to share resources from black speakers and wellness practitioners.  *

You can find Shannon’s website here, and follow along on social media @moyer_and_co

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