S5E12: Tips for Empaths & HSPs to Navigate the Holidays

Have you ever found yourself stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed by the holidays?  In our environments and our social calendars, there are lots of sneaky energy drains for empaths and highly sensitive people during the holiday season.  If we know what to look out for, we can have a plan to make the most of this celebratory season! I’ll give you a heads up in this episode.

Ready to navigate those triggers with ease and joy? Join us for the Empath/HSP coaching group that starts the week of November 9! Both live and replay options available, but you have to act fast.  Check it out here!

The greatest way to celebrate the holidays is to fill your cup up! Each Tuesday from Nov 10-Dec 15, I’ll be featuring a different speaker to share a mini-workshop including topics like body kindness during the holidays, practical gratitude practices, sustainable gift-giving, winter skincare, and cultivating joy this season.  Find the event descriptions here and snag your spot!

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