S5E15 How Ignoring My Body Landed Me on a C-Pap

If we don’t hear the little cues from our bodies, the messages get bigger and bigger. I missed signs from my body that I was overstressed and not caring for myself- and it led to a message I couldn’t ignore. In today’s episode learn:

  • The small signs I missed
  • The messages that had me ignoring my body cues
  • How it had me literally asleep at the wheel
  • What helped me tune into my body.

December 8: Natural Winter Skincare Tips with Sami Jo of Florapothecarie
Battle winter dryness with herbalist and natural skincare maker, Sami Jo Jensen, founder of florapothecarie. Sami makes 100% natural & vegan skincare products, and in this Winter Wellness Workshop, she’ll guide us through a few winter must-haves, tips on staving off colds & dry skin, plus show us how to make our very own body scrubs, sinus-clearing facial steam, and natural “VapoRub” using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.  Register for the live or replay here

Ready to work with your body, instead of against it?

Cycle Celebration is an invitation to step away from punishing routines, slow down the race, and still cross the finish line. Working with your inner cycles and the cycles of the world around us allows us to optimize every day tasks like home cleaning and bill paying, schedule events and meetings with joy, and create space for reflection and rest when we need it most.

We’re launching for another round in January 2021, and we’re offering some extra TLC this season! Learn more and grab your spot at this link.

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