S6E16 Mornings Don’t Have to Suck

Mornings get a bad rap.  They get associated with waking from much needed sleep, rushing, or heading into productivity mode off the bat.  Think about it- when you see a commercial that focuses on mornings, it’s two different sides of the spectrum.  You don’t have to log into your zoom call from your stationary bike at 6am, and you can have more joy than dragging yourself to the coffee maker.  In this episode, I’ll explain why mornings hold so much potential if we shed some of our preconceptions about how terrible they are.


If after listening to this week’s episode, you find yourself ready to find more joy and energy in the morning- I have just the thing!

My next event breaks down the research-proven ways we can change our morning to-do’s and environments to feel fully charged in the morning and shake off the sleepies.  Grab a spot to get your own environmental assessment checklist and a bunch of other fun offers!

Free tickets available, or you could sprinkle in a little generosity and Donation ticket.  100% of the proceeds go to ACLU Nationwide. Learn more here!

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