About Me

My name is Diana Fuller-Dupont, and I’m the one-woman band called Watered Grass L.L.C. I’m a daily self-care strategies coach that is passionate about helping her clients unlock their happiest selves through small, impactful, and personalized health habits. I believe that there is momentum behind consistent baby steps towards health and happiness. I also believe that a major key to mental health is knowing and embracing the different facets of who were are. I love guiding clients on their journey to get reacquainted with themselves, and witnessing the revelations about self-care based on their unique constellation of traits and stories. You’ll find that I’m particularly passionate about creating daily routines that help us care for our mental and physical health.

I reside in Connecticut with my husband Henry and our dog, Al. When I’m not coaching or leading events, I can be found working as a school psychologist by day, exploring my home state’s best hikes and restaurants, or with my nose in a book.

Curious to learn more? I explain a lot about Watered Grass and who I am in this video!

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