S6E21 Your Questions Answered

In today’s episode, I tackle audience-submitted questions about starting and growing morning routines. Tune in to learn how we start one, and how to pick the strategies that make the most sense for you. Did you miss last week’s event, Stop Snoozing on Yourself? Click the image to watch the replay packed with information onContinue reading “S6E21 Your Questions Answered”

S6E20: Honey, is that the patriarchy in my morning routine?

We’re back to talking morning routines and the things that limit our joy in the morning.  This week, let’s talk about the influence of gender roles on our mornings, and the red flags that the patriarchy snuck into your breakfast. Ready to replace those limits with more time and energy in the morning? Stop SnoozingContinue reading “S6E20: Honey, is that the patriarchy in my morning routine?”

S6319: On the Grind- Starting a Business During the Pandemic with Jermaine of Big Up Brew

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for a coffee break! I’m bringing in Jermaine Frazier-Phillips of Big Up Brew to discuss what it was like to launch his coffee business in the midst of a pandemic. What led him to make that leap, and how does he manage all the pieces of running a smallContinue reading “S6319: On the Grind- Starting a Business During the Pandemic with Jermaine of Big Up Brew”

S6E18: Is That Diet Culture in My Breakfast Smoothie?

If you’ve ever believed that morning routines have to include exercise, green drinks, or calorie deficits– you’re not alone.  Diet culture has a sneaky way of showing up in our morning routines, and might be ruining all the fun.  Tune into today’s episode to learn what the red flags are to look out for!  Continue reading “S6E18: Is That Diet Culture in My Breakfast Smoothie?”

S6E17 Ew, I got Corporate Culture in my Coffee

If you’ve ever believed that morning routines are to prep us for work, should leave us “productive” or give us an edge, this episode is for you. In today’s episode I’ll teach you how corporate culture spilled into our morning routines, and the red flags to notice that’ll help you reclaim your mornings.   MorningsContinue reading “S6E17 Ew, I got Corporate Culture in my Coffee”

S6E16 Mornings Don’t Have to Suck

Mornings get a bad rap.  They get associated with waking from much needed sleep, rushing, or heading into productivity mode off the bat.  Think about it- when you see a commercial that focuses on mornings, it’s two different sides of the spectrum.  You don’t have to log into your zoom call from your stationary bikeContinue reading “S6E16 Mornings Don’t Have to Suck”

S6E15 Showing Up For Ourselves Daily

Recovering from the past year and stepping boldly into the process of re-entry doesn’t happen with a snap. It happens through the choice to show up and care for our mental and physical needs each and every day. What do I mean and how do we do that? Tune in to today’s episode to learnContinue reading “S6E15 Showing Up For Ourselves Daily”

S6E14 How to Support Ourselves Through Re-Entry

Much like a diver coming back to the surface, it’s important for us to monitor our (mental health) vitals as the restrictions start to lift.  What would feel supportive and nurturing as we start to take steps back toward life as we knew it? I’ll give you some guiding questions to answer that for yourselfContinue reading “S6E14 How to Support Ourselves Through Re-Entry”

S6E13: What is a Social Calendar??

As restrictions lift, the invitations to connect and socialize are going to start coming in. While incredibly exciting, it’s important to consider what feels best to say yes to as it becomes safer to spend time with others. In today’s episodes, I’ll throw out some guiding questions to make the decisions easier, and will alsoContinue reading “S6E13: What is a Social Calendar??”

S63E12: Preparing for Re-Entry

Vaccines are rolling out, restrictions are being lifted slowly but surely.  These steps towards normalcy are super exciting! What do we want to do first when we have fewer worries about safety, and how can we do it in a way that still takes care of our physical and mental health? In today’s episode, I’llContinue reading “S63E12: Preparing for Re-Entry”