S6E5: The Business Pivot

Like many of us, Shannon Moyer- Szememyei entered 2020 with dreams about where that year would take her.  Having just opened a brick-and-mortar counseling practice, the shut down threw her plans for a loop as she had to figure out how to adjust her business and practice.  Learning to navigate a career from home while sharingContinue reading “S6E5: The Business Pivot”

S6E3: Love is Patient

2020 gave us a lot of new vocabulary: social-distancing, mask etiquette, and self-quarantining probably weren’t things we used often before then.  It also gave us a new relationship status: corona bride.  Health precautions and  limits on gathering threw curveballs at those planning to marry in 2020.  In this episode, we’ll meet Bianca Hock and hearContinue reading “S6E3: Love is Patient”

S6E2 Going the Distance

Meet Kate and Dakota.  Their long-distance relationship faced a big decision in the face of the pandemic: maintain that distance with an unclear end time, or move in together.  All in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this couple went from long distance, to cohabitating, to distanced again, and finally a big change to theirContinue reading “S6E2 Going the Distance”

S6E1: Presenting the Pandemic Stories

The pandemic took away many of our tried-and-true strategies in order to maintain safety.  So how do we keep bouncing back? In this season of the show, I’m sharing the stories of individuals who have overcome unforeseen obstacles during these trying times.  We’ll explore their personal experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what kept themContinue reading “S6E1: Presenting the Pandemic Stories”

S5E15 How Ignoring My Body Landed Me on a C-Pap

If we don’t hear the little cues from our bodies, the messages get bigger and bigger. I missed signs from my body that I was overstressed and not caring for myself- and it led to a message I couldn’t ignore. In today’s episode learn: The small signs I missed The messages that had me ignoringContinue reading “S5E15 How Ignoring My Body Landed Me on a C-Pap”

S5E14 Whose Voice Is This Anyways?

Sleepy, hungry, thirsty, achy, energized, tense- we’re not talking Snow White, we’re talking the memos our bodies try to send us all day. There are lots of reasons that we struggle to understand the communication our bodies are giving us, even if it’s where we reside. Especially around the holidays, our signals can get mixedContinue reading “S5E14 Whose Voice Is This Anyways?”

S5E13 Why I Chose Gratitude Over Toxic Positivity

Positivity and optimism are incredibly helpful to our mental and physical health, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. Toxic positivity can impact our ability to grow and heal. In this week’s episode, learn why a gratitude practice makes more sense for truly changing our mindsets. November 17: Developing a DailyContinue reading “S5E13 Why I Chose Gratitude Over Toxic Positivity”

S5E12: Tips for Empaths & HSPs to Navigate the Holidays

Have you ever found yourself stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed by the holidays?  In our environments and our social calendars, there are lots of sneaky energy drains for empaths and highly sensitive people during the holiday season.  If we know what to look out for, we can have a plan to make the most of thisContinue reading “S5E12: Tips for Empaths & HSPs to Navigate the Holidays”

S5E11: Common Empath/HSP Triggers and 3 Tips to Recover

In order to live our happiest and healthiest lives, we first have to know what’s triggering our stress responses.  Sometimes, it’s not as obvious- especially if your superpowers include heightened sensitivity.  In today’s episode, I’ll break down some of the most common triggers for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.  Stay tuned through the end ofContinue reading “S5E11: Common Empath/HSP Triggers and 3 Tips to Recover”