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$7 Mini-Workshop

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. Video and audio downloads included, as well as all of the bells and whistles.

Available now: Stop Snoozing On Yourself

Does your wake-up include the snooze button, grogginess, and negotiating with yourself to stay in bed longer? Does your morning routine consist of flying through what has to be done in order to start your day? You’re not alone, mornings can be rough– unless you have the right tools. Especially with many returning to the physical workspace, our mornings might need a little support as we get up and go.

In this mini-workshop by coach Diana Fuller-Dupont of Watered Grass LLC, you’ll learn easy and effective tips to make your wake up a bit more up-and-at-’em. Some simple shifts to our environment and morning prep can leave us feeling ready to conquer the day.

$7 gets you access- get it here!

If you’ve ever:

  • Felt like your mornings go by at a frantic pace into days that feel just as fast
  • Tried to start a morning routine, but have had trouble beginning or sticking to it
  • Have been interested in a morning routine, but haven’t been sure where to start

This is the course for you! Meaningful Mornings is a 5 module course that’ll walk you through the process of designing your own personalized morning routine meant to meet your needs and lifestyle.

A mixture of video content and downloadable exercises to carry it through, this program gives you everything you need to set up a fulfilling wake up, including:

  • Building the foundation: ways to make time and cultivate energy to fit a routine
  • Choosing the practices: exercises that help you to decide on the best practices for your needs, interests, and lifestyles
  • Putting it into motion: Once you have your practices picked, I’ll walk you through the strategies for implementation that will help you create a sustainable morning routine you can stick to
  • Plus bonuses: Free thought starters and affirmations to brighten your mornings, plus some discount codes on favorite products.

Cost: $69

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This offer is for the person who:

  • Is feeling distracted from or disinterested in their current morning or evening routine
  • Has hit obstacles trying start or stick to their morning or evening routine
  • Has just had a change in schedule or need that has thrown a wrench in the routine that used to work
  • Is not getting the results desired from their current routine. For example, sleeplessness despite a night routine or frantic feelings despite a morning routine.

Morning and evening routines need to be refreshed periodically- like everything else, they can get stagnant or lose their spark! In a 30-minute zoom call we’ll troubleshoot your current routine to find ways to avoid or eliminate the obstacles in the way of your routine. Depending on your need, expect us to talk about things like:

  • Effective habit formation and efficiency hacks to make implementing easier
  • Sleep hygiene adjustments
  • Strategy ideas based on your current needs
  • Resources like apps, books, or tools that might fit well into your routine

Cost: $33

Learn more and sign up here

If you’re someone that learns best through conversation, this coaching option is for you! In this 30-minute zoom call, we’ll chat about your take-aways from the Meaningful Mornings Course and get you set up to roll out your morning routine successfully.

Things we can work through together:

  • Troubleshooting time-crunches restricting your time for your routine
  • Developing or choosing the strategies that go into your routine
  • Balancing home demands and self-care in the morning
  • Rolling out the routine in a way that feels effective, rewarding, and sustainable

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Cost: $33

I think the biggest takeaway for me has been changing my perspective and learning to develop routines that work for me and my lifestyle.

Katie, a Nourishing Nights Client

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