Creating A Bracelet With Intention

Transcript: Hi everybody. Diana Fuller DuPont, the coach behind watergrass and I’m a daily self care strategies coach. So I am excited to walk you through what to expect and your bracelet kit and also some ways to take it a bit deeper. So to start within your little baggie, what you’ll find is the cord. You’re going to find all of the letters that should go into your phrase or your word as well as some spacer beads or the beads that will go in between those different phrases that are part of your bracelet and one on each side of the entire word or phrase itself. So there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Those are just suggestions. And I would love to see how you come up with it, but we’ll talk more about that later. So why do I have these affirmation bracelets to begin with? So it was a daily self care strategies coach. One of the practices that I think is incredibly powerful for working on our mental health is changing how we speak to ourselves and working with affirmations can be tricky because we don’t all process them the same way. Some ways feel sillier for us than others. And I really love the idea of something that you can wear as a reminder, so that every time you look at it, it brings those words to mind. So with our different bracelet options we’ve got lots of different options for how you want to feel or the different words or phrases that make you feel encouraged throughout your day. And we can always take that a bit deeper with some different prompts. So if you met me at one of the vendor fairs, you probably know that journaling is kind of my thing. So what I’ve done is create some different journal prompts to really deepen our practice with this bracelet and ask the why behind it so that we can feel it a bit more fully because it’s one thing to just wear the phrase. But to create some meaningful change with it would be like such a great bonus on the side. So here are the three questions that we can ask ourselves when it comes to the word or phrase that we’ve chosen. So first start off with the basics. What attracted you to that word or phrase that you chose? It might be something that’s right there at the surface, easy to grab, right? So I’ve been really stressed at work. So I wanted to choose a word like calm, or maybe you have a certain word or phrase that is kind of your signature and you saw that and you went with it. Maybe it’ll take a bit more digging, play around with it. What does that word or phrase mean to you? And then once you’ve got the answer to that question, let’s take it one step further. So we’ve got this word that we’re going to have on our wrist. We’re going to be taking a look at that throughout our day. So if you stepped into that word or phrase more fully, how would life change for you? What would look different? Would there be differences in the way you carry yourself or the way you treat yourself? How about in the way you treat others? How about in your schedule or the way you show up in the world, walk yourself through. If you stepped more fully into that, what would life be like? And how would that be different than now? And lastly small changes are kind of my jam. So what I want to ask you is what are three small ways that you can embody that word or phrase a bit more fully, right? We don’t want to just wear the phrase or the word we want to feel it. We want to live it. So what are three little ways that you could start doing that right now? All right. I would love to see what your finished bracelets look like. So if you’re up for sharing go ahead and post a picture. Tag me. I’m at watered grass on both Facebook and Instagram and make sure you’re following along. I post content all day, every day about different daily self-care strategies things that I’m passionate about fun, new things that you can try out at home as well as all the upcoming stuff I have. So events more times that I’ll be tabling, all that good stuff. And if you want to scroll down below these little clues right here, these journaling questions, I do have a number of different journals they’re available right there on Amazon, as well as a few local shops. So I’ve got the links to those below. If that’s something that would help you step further into your practice. So I’ve got a growing collection of journals regarding different emotional experiences. We want to cultivate or just general support for building new daily self care strategies. All right. Fantastic. Well, I hope to see you soon. I can’t wait to see all these beautiful bracelets out there in the world, and as always keep on watering that grass.

I’d love to see how your bracelet came out! Post and tag me, @wateredgrass on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to follow along for daily self-care content!

I also have guided journals to help you build practices that support your mental health. Find them here!

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