Cycle Celebration

Cycle Celebration is the opportunity to dive deep into the world of cyclical living and self-care. We will meet weekly in alignment with the moon phase to create nourishing habits and routines to care of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Cycle Celebration is an invitation to step away from punishing routines, slow down the race, and still cross the finish line. Working with your inner cycles and the cycles of the world around us allows us to optimize every day tasks like home cleaning and bill paying, schedule events and meetings with joy, and create space for reflection and rest when we need it most.

Each week for four weeks, we connect for a 75 minute live coaching call. We’ll discuss what is happening in your body in this phase, what activities you are primed for, plus discuss self-care strategies and integrate them right into your upcoming week.

The morning after our meeting, keep your eyes out for the recording, journal prompts and a ritual for the week in your email. Additional content in the weekly support emails includes weekly recipe inspiration to nourish your body and hormones in each phase, curated workouts to joyfully celebrate your body and soothe your nervous system, and cycle specific meditations.

This is going to be a powerful group of women, and we would love to see you there!

This coaching program is open to all who identify as women or have an interest in deepening their relationship to feminine cycles. Menopausal, premenopausal, non-menstruating, transgender, pregnant, and lactating cycles are all welcomed. Using the moon as our guide, we will share ways to access cyclical living in all phases of life. This is a safe and inclusive space.

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