podcast class

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Finding Customers as a Podcast Guest

Learn techniques to define your target audience, find podcasts that match it, and land interviews on those podcasts. Purchase includes unlimited access to the video and a pdf workbook to go along with the video.



Developing Your Content

Walk through the process of developing your voice, structure, theme, and audience in order to develop your episode outline. You'll leave with enough material to brainstorm your first few episodes, as well as important pointers on naming and coming up with a description. Purchase includes unlimited access to the video and a PDF workbook to help develop your ideas.



Promoting Your Podcast

How to use networking, online, and print advertising to grow both your podcast audience and potential customer base. Recommendations include reciprocal advertising that benefits your podcast and your business! Purchase includes video and PDF workbook.



Equipment & Recording Basics

Learn all of the equipment you'll need to start and walk through the basics to recording and sharing your episode on your website and podcast apps. I'll show you on my screen how I use my editing software to develop an episode. Purchase includes video and PDF workbook with step-by-step procedures for recording and distributing episodes.



All four videos

Get unlimited access to all four videos and PDF workbooks at a discount: - Finding Customers as a Podcast Guest -Developing Your Content -Equipment & Recording Basics -Promoting Your Podcast


Consultation time

Do you want to work through specific ideas for your podcast? We can have a zoom meeting and work through any of the above topics. I can help you flesh out ideas, edit episodes, walk through the beginner stages of setting up your host site and equipment, or talk about the advertising options that work best for you. Available in 15 minute increments.