I’m so excited you want to listen in! Podcasts are everywhere, including a TON of apps and websites.  I bet Watered Grass is available on something you already use! There’s a few different ways, so let me break it down for you:

  1. Right here on the website! Every post has a link at the bottom that says “Click here to tune in!”  By clicking the link, it’ll bring you to the page that hosts my media where you can listen through a media player.
  2. iTunes/ Apple Podcast: Whether on your phone through Apple Podcast, or on your computer using iTunes, all episodes are available to download for free.  Just search “Watered Grass” and look for my logo.  If you subscribe, you won’t need to search every time. Here’s the direct link
  3. Spotify: Search “Watered Grass”.  Currently in the process of updating the logo so you’ll see my face.  The episodes will have the show logo.  Add it to your library for easy searching.  Here’s the direct link.
  4. Stitcher: Not an iPhone user? No worries! Search “Watered Grass” on Stitcher and you’ll see the logo.  All episodes are available to download for free.  Click on the “Favorite” button to make it easier to find. Here’s the direct link
  5. Google Play: Google play can be accessed on any device! Search “Watered Grass”. If you see the logo, you’re in the right place.  Subscribe to save it to your library.  Here’s the direct link
  6. Soundcloud: If you’re a Soundcloud fan, I’m there, too!  Only 5 episodes at a time will be uploaded, so check the descriptions for when those episodes will change.  “Like” it to save it to your favorite playlists.  Here’s the direct link

There a plenty of ways to listen! If you like what you hear, share the podcast, write a review, or subscribe to help new listeners find me.  If you’re not a fan, send me a Facebook message on the Facebook page, use the Contact Me link on this site, or shoot me an email at to let me know what you’d like to hear.


Happy listening!


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