Watered Grass guided journals are crafted specially to help you generate the feelings you’d like more of in your day. With a prompt each day, the prompts are created not just to help cultivate the feelings featured in each journal, but also uses self-reflection to create a personalized practice that you can continue with once the journal is full.

The average habit takes 3 weeks to cultivate. How nice would it be to take a month to build a habit of self-care?

A Month of Gratitude: Guided Daily Journal

Gratitude has so many benefits for us– from improved moods, to deeper sleep, and even higher feelings of optimism! But how do we build it into our busy lives?

In Watered Grass’ A Month of Gratitude Guided Daily Journal, you’ll find a practical yet satisfying way to build your gratitude practice. Over the course of 28 days, you’ll dive into guided prompts that not only help you to cultivate gratitude, but also coach you through questions to help you develop a practice that lasts after the journal is full. These prompts were created to serve those that are new to gratitude practices, or just looking to refresh their current practice. They fit well into a morning or evening routine– or could be the first step towards building one!

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If you’ve had a new self-care practice in mind but have struggled to either initiate or sustain it, this journal is for you.  Building in time for ourselves can be challenging in today’s busy world; but challenging does not mean impossible.  This journal will walk you through the steps of establishing your new practice and keeping the momentum going for a full month.  This journal works for all new habits, both big and small, that benefit your physical and mental health.  Inside expect to find:

  • Forward-thinking pre-work that will help you put structures in place to help you start and sustain this new practice with ease
  • Reflective prompts to help you go beyond just whether or not you did it, but how it impacted you and what could make the practice better
  • Summative questions to support you taking this new practice forward once the journal is full.

All questions included come through the lens of the author’s two backgrounds: school psychologist and daily self-care coach.  The tools included are founded in human behavior, and created in a compassionate way to make building new habits sustainable and impactful from start to finish.

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