Making Self-Care Stick

Making Self-Care Stick

“This series has taught me that habits are about making room, not just forcing yourself to do something!” 

Who wants to feel happier and healthier? Sure, we all do. In today’s busy and stressful world, we could all benefit from a little more kindness to ourselves.

We all can think of one or two things we’d love to build into our schedules.  More time with our families, a meditation practice, time for hobbies… the tricky part is finding the time, resources, and motivation to make those practices stick. Work, home responsibilities, and demands from our personal lives can stop us from even starting a new habit or routine that’s just for us.

So how do we do it? Every Thursday  at 9 a.m. EST I’ll be releasing a new episode of Making Self-Care Stick on Watered Grass.  In this segment, I’ll feature a different aspect of the psychology of habit formation, including: finding the right habit for what we need, finding the time, establishing a resilient mindset, and reinforcement that works.

But it’s not just episodes! There’s a free workbook, too.

“I enjoy the connection between the episodes and the work book. I find it is motivating. I find it’s a lot more difficult than I anticipated to think about habits and why to start or what habits I want. I never really put much thought into it before this.”

“I like taking the time to identify why I might have a tough time starting a habit I think that is important. I also liked that you have the references for your episodes so I can explore a few more things as well! I’m going to go back and listen to a few to see if I could add anything else to the list.”

This series is accompanied with a workbook to put your plans in motion- all you have to do is sign up for the email list! Sign up at this link

If you’ve already signed up, enter your password on this page to download your workbook!

Making Self-Care Stick: Structure Episodes

Check out these episodes to learn how to plan your habit and organize yourself to maximize success!

S4E5: Why it’s so hard to make self-care stick 

How many of us have a list of things we wish we did, but don’t yet? So many things get in the way of us forming new habits, even if we know that they’re good for us.  In this week’s episode, let’s talk about why we get stopped in our tracks and what this new series will do to break down those hurtles to new habits and routines through the lense of my own struggles with sticking to my self-care!

S4E7: Picking Your Path

his week, we’re picking a starting place.  How do we choose a habit to start, with so many ideas out there? In this week’s episode we’ll examine what “happiness” might mean to us, and strategies to consider based on that meaning.

S4E9: Finding Your Why

Today we’re exploring the important foundation to all habits: why are we doing it? In this episode we explore our reasons for new habits and make them meaningful so that we don’t get stopped by the most common obstacles to establishing routines.

S4E11: Finding the Time

This week let’s talk about time.  Finding the time for all of our responsibilities is hard, never mind the new habits we’d like to add in.  I break down the steps to go find windows of time without adding to your stress.

S3E13: Goal Setting that Works

This week, let’s talk about the make-or-break potential of the goals we set.  Setting our sights on the right end goals can keep us motivated and inspired while we get our habits in place. Tune in to learn the questions to ask yourself when setting up your goals!

S3E15: Making Self-Care Stick: Being Accountable to Our Happiness

On this week’s episode, let’s talk about accountability.  Being accountable for our goals keeps us motivated through the tricky early stages of starting something new.  Tune in to get ideas on how to hold yourself accountable to your happiness!


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