Hi there book clubbers,

This month’s title is Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Check the pdf below for your free, included journaling pages.  These won’t be directly talked about in the book club, they’re for reflecting on the book and applying it to our own lives:

Last Child in the Woods Book Club


Remember- the questions are posted into the Facebook Event.  You can post responses right under.  Here they are again just in case:

  1. What was your favorite way to spend time outdoors as a child?
  2. How has that changed as an adult?
  3. Do you think that children today spend less time outdoors then when we were children? Why do you think?
  4. What was the most shocking discovery you had while reading this book?
  5.  When thinking about educating children, what do you think is important to share with children?
  6. When thinking about the American workplace, what do you think needs to change to increase our time outdoors?

See you November 20th at 7pm EST on Facebook Live!