Hi there book clubbers,

This month’s title is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

5 love languages

Check the pdf below for your free, included journaling pages.  These won’t be directly talked about in the book club, they’re for reflecting on the book and applying it to our own lives.  Because Andrea has many journaling questions built in, these pages are for the exercises that are in the middle of the chapters:

The 5 Love Languages Workbook

Remember- the questions are posted into the Facebook Event.  You can post responses right under.  Here they are again just in case:

  1. Which Love Language could you relate to most?
  2. Which Love Language seemed the most foreign to you?
  3. Did this change the way you see romantic relationships in any way?
  4. Have you considered ways to apply this book to friendships or other relationships?
  5. Using your love language, how can you apply that to your self-care?
  6.  On a scale of 1-5, how much did you enjoy this book? (1= not at all, 5= as much as you could enjoy it)

See you February 19 at 7pm EST on Facebook Live!