Next Up: June 10th at 7pm EST

Does your wake-up include the snooze button, grogginess, and negotiating with yourself to stay in bed longer? Does your morning routine consist of flying through what has to be done in order to start your day? You’re not alone, mornings can be rough– unless you have the right tools. Especially with many returning to the physical workspace, our mornings might need a little support as we get up and go.

In this workshop by coach Diana Fuller of Watered Grass LLC, you’ll learn easy and effective tips to make your wake up a bit more up-and-at-’em. Some simple shifts to our environment and morning prep can leave us feeling ready to conquer the day.

Attendees will leave will leave with:

  • An understanding of how we set ourselves up for happy and energized wake-ups
  • A downloadable checklist to help you put the tips into action with ease
  • Discount codes for Big Up Brew, so you can enjoy your morning coffee from a top quality small business
  • Offers on upcoming Watered Grass events and programs!

This event is donation-based, with all funds raised benefiting the American Civil Liberties Union! The top donor will receive a gift basket full of goodies to set you up for an amazing morning. Learn more about the ACLU here.

(This event is not endorsed by the ACLU or associated in any way. Just a favorite cause of the event organizer!)


Q: How is the event taking place?

A: This is a Zoom event, so it is accessible to anyone with internet access and a zoom account. The link will be sent to you with your ticket.

Q: Do I have to have my camera or mic on?

A: No, you don’t! While I love to see your face and hear your comments and questions, I know that not everyone enjoys being put on the spot. If you prefer to just listen, you’re welcome to it.

Q: What if I can’t attend live?

A: Replay tickets are available!

Q: What if I cannot donate right now?

A: Free tickets are also available. They will get you the same access and discounts!

Q: Why the ACLU?

A: Watered Grass LLC is here to advocate for mental health, and a major influence on mental health is being treated as a valuable and equal member of society regardless of our identities. The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Disclaimer: While Diana Fuller engages in coaching, this event does not initiate a formal coaching relationship. All information presented is strictly for education and fun. Check out the Watered Grass website if coaching is what you’re looking for!

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