The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, but for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People it can bring some challenges. Packed social calendars, crowds, and overstimulating décor can really exhaust the energy of empaths and HSPs.

The 2020 holidays, like much of 2020, brings new practices and potential triggers for those that are in tuned with emotions. From changes to how we celebrate because of the pandemic, to what emotions might be brought into the room from the past year, these holidays will certainly be different.
In this workshop, learn the potential triggers that are new to 2020 so that you can have a plan to ensure that you can cultivate more joy and feel your best during this celebratory season. This will take place on Zoom with a mix of education and opportunity to ask questions!

Q: Do I have to have my microphone or camera on?
A: Attend in the way that feels best for you! If you learn best by listening, feel free to sit back and relax and keep either off. If you like to ask questions and join the conversation, hop on when you feel it!
Q: How do I know if I’m an empath or HSP?
A: I have an episode that outlines how to know if you’re an empath or HSP on my podcast that will be live the evening of October 11. You can find it here!
Q: What if I can’t make the live?
A: Choose the recording option and I’ll send you the video link once the event wraps
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