Gratitude journaling is a simple concept has so many benefits: studies show that gratitude practices improve our sleep, leave us with more positive and optimistic feelings, and even improve our relationships. Like any other form of self-care, the more we do it, the more we feel the benefits. But in today’s busy world, how do we fit in one more thing?

In this mini-workshop, daily self-care strategies coach Diana Fuller-Dupont will break down how to build gratitude journaling into your daily schedule in a way that makes sense not just for your needs, but for your lifestyle. We’ll dive into the following topics:

  • When to build it in based on your schedule & energy levels
  • How to use the benefits of gratitude practices to choose a practice that is extra motivating to engage in
  • Ways to accommodate journaling if the physical act of writing is not your thing.

The workshop will take place over 30 minutes on Zoom, and has both live and replay tickets available. Plus attendees will get a special discount code for upcoming offers from Watered Grass! Register by August 9 and be entered to win a free copy of my guided journal, A Month of Gratitude


Q: Do I need to have my camera & mic on for the zoom?

A: That is up to you! I welcome everyone from the chatty extroverts with lots of questions, to those who prefer to quietly absorb the information. Either way, know that I never call on anyone– this isn’t school! Any comments or questions during the call are more than welcome.

Q: If I ask a question, will it be included in the recording?

A: It depends on when you ask it. During the part where I’m sharing information, all of that will be recorded and shared with anyone who gets a replay ticket. At the end of the event, I always leave time where I stop the recording. That way, you can feel comfortable asking any questions without it being on the video.

Q: Why is it free to attend live, but $3 for the recording?

A: This recording will become a mini-workshop available on my website. As a thank you for being a part of that recording, I wanted to make it free to attendees.

Q: Do I need anything to participate?

A: A comfy seat and access to wifi is all you need. If you’re someone that likes to write things down, feel free to bring along your favorite journal and writing tool. I’ll send out the recording to the live attendees as well in case you’d rather just focus on listening.

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