Girls’ nights are magic: the fun of indulging with your favorite people, along with the laugher and memories you get to savor even after it’s done. The tricky part? Coordinating schedules, planning the itinerary, and now coming up with a creative way to hang out online.

Jennifer Fay of Rooted Ground and Diana Fuller of Watered Grass want to make your next girls’ night memorable and easy- and what better way than to celebrate with a Galentine’s Day you won’t soon forget? With a heavy focus on self-love and the power of female friendship, grab your friends and come enjoy this zoom version of your favorite hangout:

  • goodie bag full of pampering items for the event, mailed right to you
  • Games that are equal parts entertaining and nourishing, aiming to help you discover your self-love language and your ideal self-care practices
  • Hands-on activities without the pressure to be Pinterest-perfect
  • Tons of body and female-positive activities (including card pulls!) guaranteed to have you feeling the self-love by the end of the night

This event is open to all womxn and anyone who identifies as female or femme. All you need to do is register, and we’ll do the rest! Keep an eye on your email, as we will be sending out different freebies each week to get you ready for the event. The sooner you sign up, the more goodies that you’ll receive in your inbox.

Invite your friends! Register a group of 4 for the price of 3 entries.

Register by January 14 and get access to a VIP session before the event at no extra cost, which will include Oracle and Tarot card pulls for participants!

Disclaimer: While Diana Fuller and Jennifer Fay both engage in coaching, this event does not initiate a formal coaching relationship. All information presented is strictly for education and fun. Check out the Watered Grass and Rooted Ground websites if coaching is what you’re looking for!


Q: What do I need to participate?

A: All you need to have ready is your zoom account, the goodie bag we ship to you, and your favorite foods and drinks at the ready. If you don’t know your love language (from the 5 Love Languages), a link will be sent with your ticket! You’ll want it handy for one of our activities.

Q: Who are Diana and Jennifer, the hosts of this event?

A: Diana Fuller is a coach and host o f the podcast, Watered Grass. She loves helping people unlock their happiest selves through small, impactful, and personalized mind and body habits.

Jennifer Fay of Rooted Ground helps women to lead powerful lives of authenticity and integrity by accessing the wisdom of their bodies. She is a birth doula, childbirth educator, fertility awareness method coach, women’s circle leader, and peer lactation counselor. She works from a Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating allied platform and brings the core tenants of body trust and body wisdom to all of her work.

Q: What’s the dress code?

A: You tell us! What is your favorite type of girls’ night? Do you love to dress up and hit the town? Or do you love a good ol’ fashioned sleepover in your pajamas? Dress for the night you wish you could have with your friends if you were in-person. There is one thing- there is one small item that’ll be sent to you to wear for the event, so keep an eye on your mail! Don’t worry, it goes with whatever you have planned.

Q: What comes in the goodie bag?

A: We won’t spoil the surprises, but here’s what to expect. You’ll find one thing to wear, one thing to enjoy during the event, and a few things to use during our activities of the night. All shipping and items are included in your ticket price.

Q: Do I need to have my camera and mic on?

A: This event is a little bit different from our previous events. Because we are focused on fun and bonding, we are going to ask that you at least have your camera on– how much you verbally participate is up to you! We don’t like being unexpectedly called on either, so we will not be putting you on the spot. We do think it’s pretty brave to show up on the mic, so there may be some celebrations for those who are feeling bold!

We also highly recommend setting the time aside, and letting those in your home know that you’ll be busy. You deserve time to yourself, and we’d love to help you find it on Galentine’s Day!

Q: Is there a replay available?

Because this event is a little different and requires some connection from guest to host, we will not be offering a replay at this time.

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