S5E14 Whose Voice Is This Anyways?

Sleepy, hungry, thirsty, achy, energized, tense- we’re not talking Snow White, we’re talking the memos our bodies try to send us all day. There are lots of reasons that we struggle to understand the communication our bodies are giving us, even if it’s where we reside. Especially around the holidays, our signals can get mixed with lots of other influences. In this episode, I break down some guiding questions to help us understand why we’re ignoring our body’s requests, so that we can start to be better listeners.

If you have a menstrual cycle, there’s a whole different set of messages your body sends you throughout the month.  Learn to read them and respond by joining Cycle Celebration, a 4 week coaching program set to begin January 13, 2021. 

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S5E13 Why I Chose Gratitude Over Toxic Positivity

Positivity and optimism are incredibly helpful to our mental and physical health, but there is such a thing as taking it too far. Toxic positivity can impact our ability to grow and heal. In this week’s episode, learn why a gratitude practice makes more sense for truly changing our mindsets.

November 17: Developing a Daily Gratitude Practice with Diana Fuller
Having a gratitude practice has been shown to have positive effects on our relationship with ourselves and others. Sticking to it daily is possible- it’s just a matter of fitting our personality and lifestyle. In this session with psychologist and coach Diana Fuller, learn how to build gratitude into your day in a right that feels joyful and easy. Register at this link

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S5E12: Tips for Empaths & HSPs to Navigate the Holidays

Have you ever found yourself stressed, exhausted, or overwhelmed by the holidays?  In our environments and our social calendars, there are lots of sneaky energy drains for empaths and highly sensitive people during the holiday season.  If we know what to look out for, we can have a plan to make the most of this celebratory season! I’ll give you a heads up in this episode.

Ready to navigate those triggers with ease and joy? Join us for the Empath/HSP coaching group that starts the week of November 9! Both live and replay options available, but you have to act fast.  Check it out here!

The greatest way to celebrate the holidays is to fill your cup up! Each Tuesday from Nov 10-Dec 15, I’ll be featuring a different speaker to share a mini-workshop including topics like body kindness during the holidays, practical gratitude practices, sustainable gift-giving, winter skincare, and cultivating joy this season.  Find the event descriptions here and snag your spot!

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S5E11: Common Empath/HSP Triggers and 3 Tips to Recover

In order to live our happiest and healthiest lives, we first have to know what’s triggering our stress responses.  Sometimes, it’s not as obvious- especially if your superpowers include heightened sensitivity.  In today’s episode, I’ll break down some of the most common triggers for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.  Stay tuned through the end of the episode, where I’ll share 3 of my favorite tips for navigating around Empath/HSP triggers.

This free event happen this Thursday, October 29 live on Zoom at 7pm EST! The triggers from today’s episode can come at us in new and different ways based on all that 2020 has thrown at us.  Grab your live ticket or access to the replay at this link.

Let’s find more joy and celebration this holiday season! During this 4 week group coaching program, learn how to navigate these triggers in a way that allows the holidays to be fun.  Learn more about the program and claim your spot here.

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S5E10: How Identifying as an Empath/HSP Changed My Mental Health

A great quote Brene Brown posted this week said “Caution: If you trade in your authenticity for being liked, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.” This perfectly summarizes the experience of hiding and misunderstanding my Empath/HSP tendencies. In this week’s episode, I’ll share my story of learning and accepting this part of my identity, and how that impacted my anxiety, depression, and eating disorder.

Are  you an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person? This Holiday Season is bringing with it some new potential obstacles and energy drains, given all that the year has entailed.  Learn what they are so that you can have a plan ready at my totally free event, Unexpected Empath/HSP Triggers! It’s completely free on October 29 at 7pm, you just have to register at this link.

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S5E9 How to Know if You’re an Empath or HSP

Here on Watered Grass, we’ve explored areas of identity and personality that influence our self-care practices. Sensitivity is a superpower that makes us rock stars for empathy, creating change, and being helpers to ourselves and others. Some of us are more tuned in to the energy of others- but what defines an empath or a highly sensitive person? Tune in to today’s episode to find out.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, but for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People it can bring some challenges. Packed social calendars, crowds, and overstimulating decor can really exhaust the energy of empaths and HSPs.

The 2020 holidays, like much of 2020, brings new practices and potential triggers for those that are in tuned with emotions. From changes to how we celebrate because of the pandemic, to what emotions might be brought into the room from the past year, these holidays will certainly be different.

In this workshop, learn the potential triggers that are new to 2020 so that you can have a plan to ensure that you can cultivate more joy and feel your best during this celebratory season. This will take place on Zoom with a mix of education and opportunity to ask questions! Register for this free event here.

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S5E8 How to Slow Down When Life Picks Up the Pace

We’ve all gotten pulled along by the pace of life at some time or another.  Our calendars and to-do lists full, we can start to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted.  I used to fall victim to this regularly, until I learned 3 questions to ask myself to slow down and focus on what matters.  Tune into today’s episode to learn what they are!

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S5E7: How I learned to trust my body and release my to-do list

As someone 1.5 years into Eating Disorder Recovery, my relationship with my body has historically been one of distrust and frustration.  I also struggle with anxiety, and that anxiety pushes me be productive and efficient at all times.  Learning about menstrual health helped me find more ease with both of these things.  Learn how in today’s episode.

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S5E6: What Mental Health and Menstrual Health Have in Common

You may be curious why this podcast, which is about self-care and mental health, has had so much talk about menstrual health.  The mental and menstrual health have A LOT in common, and much of it has to do with the backstories and how they’re taught to us! Tune in to learn more.

Ready to sync up with your body and provide the self-care its asking for? Cycle Celebration is a 4 week group coaching program with Jennifer Fay of Rooted Ground.  Each week we’ll dive into what nourishes our minds and bodies during each phase of the menstrual cycle so that we can live with more ease.  Click the picture to learn more and claim your spot- we start September 16!

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S5E5: Back to School Special- Classes vs. Coaching

In the wellness world, there are tons of catch phrases. Masterclass, coaching, and workshops can all sound like they deliver the same thing, but each experience is a little different. So what’s the difference, and how do we decide? It’s all a matter of our personality and commitment-style. Tune into this episode to learn what’s the best fit for you.

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