S1E25: Yardwork Part 1

Yardwork is the season rap up! In this segment, I’ll review one of the services that has been on the show along with some special guests.  Tune in to know before you go! We’ll talk logistics, favorite parts, and how we felt after. This week:wellness festivals and aroma yoga!

You’ll hear quotes from visitors to the OH-YA festival on July 14th helping me to talk about health and wellness festivals!

For Aroma Yoga, my special guest is Kate from Episode 18: Viewing Art.  If you need a refresher first, check out Stephanie’s Episode, Episode 22: The Essentials of Being Free Range.

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S1E24: Organization Yoga with Dr. Matthew J. Taylor

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Matthew J. Taylor Physical Therapist, PhD, and Certified Yoga Therapist.  Matt has been a leader in helping create the future of rehabilitation since 1981. Through his own pain relief through yoga, Dr. Taylor has found passion for yoga as a creative approach to pain relief and rehabilitation. Matthew enlightens us with looking at what yoga entails beyond the poses on the mat, and how it can impact communities to improve wellness.

To find more information on Dr. Taylor, or to find where to reach him, check out his website! 

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S1E23: The essentials of being free range

This episode meet Stephanie Anderson Bojanowski, a certified massage therapist, aesthetician, reiki level 2 practitioner and yoga instructor.  Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge related to essential oils to the show, especially Young Living.  She is the only certified Aroma Yoga instructor in the state of Connecticut!

You can contact Stephanie via her facebook, instagram, or email:


If you’re interested in ordering oils, her site is found on the young living website

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S1E22: Wellness through Empowerment

Kelly Murphy of Samatva Wellness is this week’s guest! Kelly is both a yoga instructor and provider of birth services, including but not limited to lactation counselor and lamaze classes.  Her passion to help women find empowerment and confidence in their bodies through yoga as well as the pregnancy process gives her a new twist on some of my previous yoga interviews.

Kelly is a travelling yogi, with classes currently offered (For free!) at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain.  Please check my Facebook page for the details! She’s a busy lady- we’ve run into each other at the Symposium at the New Britain Museum of Art featured in Episode 18.  She also has had events with Kelvin from episode Episode 17!

Kelly (left) and Kelvin (right) at a previous event

Kelly leading a class at the Yoga in the Park series, ongoing through the summer.

Kelly can be found through her facebook page or her email, samatvayogi@yahoo.com

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S1E21: Responding mindfully in the face of trauma

In this week’s episode I chat with Sean Weir of Mindful Responder.   Sean served in both the United Kingdom and United States career Fire Services. He was as a career fire-fighter in both the Royal Air Force and Greater Manchester Fire Services. After retiring from the West Haven Fire Department, Sean has transitioned to now serve his fellow Responder community in Connecticut.  Mindful Responder teaches mindfulness and yoga to those who work or have worked in high-stress work environments including but not limited to veterans, firefighters, paramedics, and police.

If you’re interested in his services, or have other questions or interview didn’t answer, you can find the Mindful Responder site here.  His facebook page is linked on my facebook page, where you can see upcoming events featuring Mindful Responder.

Want to know more about those who work with veterans? Be sure to check out Episode 6 with Social Worker Alisa, find it here!


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S1E20: Wellness wears many hats

Meet Robyn Housemann, a wellness jack-of-all-trades.  Her services include fitness classes, fitness assessments, personal training, Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, Guided Imagery and Meditation, general wellness counseling, Brain Gym, and even Past Life Regression.  Her roll includes not only practicing, but teaching practitioners through her roll at Western Connecticut State University as well as classes through adult education programs.  Here about her journey down her many paths in this week’s interview.

Robyn’s facebook page is most recent.  Her website can also be found at this link.

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S1E19: Viewing art

I sat in the sunshine with Kate Swanson, the Manager of Family & Studio Programming at the New Britain Museum of American Art.  Kate and I have been connecting over the many wellness events at the museum, including the Meditation in the Museum series and the Creative Health Symposium.  We talk meditation, the benefits of viewing art, the benefits of talking about art, and even Beyonce in this week’s episode.

Kate Swanson, Manager of Family and Studio ProgrammingWhile Kate and I conducted her interview in the beautiful garden overlooking Walnut Hill Park, the inside of the museum is where it’s at.  I attended my first sound meditation there with Kelvin Young, who I talked to on episode 17.  There was also the fantastic Creative Health: Caring for the Whole Person Symposium- a panel of speakers bringing the arts and mental health together.  Speakers included Patrick Madden and Janet Connolly of the “Paint what you Feel” program, Patty O’Brian and Kate Rabinoff of the Hartford Healthcare Center for Healthy Aging, and Lauren Pedersen and Jennifer Anderson of the Klingberg Family Centers Outpatient Clinic for Children.  After the speakers we enjoyed break-out sessions, and of course I chose the creative reflections guided meditation.

The art completed by the “Paint What You Feel” participants

If you’d love to attend one of the free Saturday mornings mentioned by Kate, or keep a pulse on upcoming events, you can find the website here!

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S1E18: Ayurveda

This week I talk to Lisa Day Lewis, an Ayurvedic practitioner of Ahimsa Ayurveda.  Learn all about this ancient practice and how Lisa incorporates it into her daily life.

Find her facebook page here.

Lisa was recently featured in a blog post about her use of Ayurveda working with students.  Find that in this link.

Did the discussion of ayurvedic herbs peak your interest? The link Lisa refers to is right here!

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S1E17: Listen up

So far, there’s been a lot of visual and physical means for finding happiness.  What about for our auditory crowd? Listen in for an introduction to sound healing with Kelvin Young of Sacred Sound Healing. His own inspiring story of change and healing may  open your ears to a new mode of self care.

Want to learn more? Check out his websiteyoutube channel, and facebook!

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S1E16: Light as air

Meet Maria, owner of Studio Ascend in North Haven, CT.  Maria’s background in Reiki, naturopathic healing, and yoga blend into each and every class at her studio.  Classes go beyond the classic mat- aerial yoga, aerial meditation, and aroma yoga are all part of this studio.  Hear about the inspiration behind Ascend in this week’s episode.

See the site and class list here!

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