S1E15: Overcoming the obstacles to health

This week I talk to Dan, a personal trainer with a love of pushing his body to the extreme.  His obstacle-style training allows clients a unique way to increase their physical fitness, self-esteem, and resilience. Tune in for his inspiration behind it all!

Does this style of training sound like something you want to try? Interested to learn more? Check out the Facebook page or website

As promised, Dan sent along some links if you want to learn more about Ido Portal and his movement practice.  Find them here , here , and here

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S1E14: Yoga Practice Make Perfect (for you)

With so many forms of yoga out there, how do you choose where to start? This ancient practice has certainly made a lasting impact in our Western culture, with a variety of classes and studios available. I sat down with Crystal Sullivan, a highly trained yoga instructor in the Southington, Connecticut area. From her Soulspace Yoga website: “She has completed a 200 hr yoga teacher training at Sacred Rivers, a 200 hour Vinyasa teacher training with Rolf Gates and a 300 hour teacher training with emphasis on Yoga Therapy at Sacred Rivers. She is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Additionally, she has studied The Art of Teaching Yin Yoga with Paul & Suzee Grilley and Paulie Zink, The Art of Teaching Vinyasa with Shiva Rea and Kundalini Yoga for Mastering Your Life with Guru Singh.”  We talk about how to get a start in yoga and debunk some common myths.

Learn more about Crystal and Soulspace Yoga on their website here!

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S1E13: Working out the kinks

We’ve had a few episodes about skin care and taking care of the outside.  Let’s go beyond skin-deep and talk to Julie, a massage therapist at Vasu Tribe in Hartford, Connecticut. Vasu Tribe clearly prescribes to the mind-body connection as a yoga and healing arts center.  Julie talks about finding her own happiness through her career, among other things.  Listen in to hear about how massage impacts happiness:

Book a massage or check out the other options at www.vasutribe.com

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S1E12: Transcending Self-Consciousness

When we come up to some of the biggest milestones of our lives, we like to put our best face forward.  Yen and Transcendent make-up make a business of helping women match their inner joy with their outer radiance, even in the face of harsh camera light.  Tune in to hear Yen’s experience with starting a business, supporting brides, and staying present with her family on this week’s episode

Check out Transcendent’s Page here!

Yen made time to talk to me during her busy schedule- that schedule included a wedding I was in this past March!  As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had some self-consciousness about my skin since recent changes this past Fall.  Yen’s expertise and calm nature helped me feel confident and ready to give my Maid of Honor speech when the time came.  What I loved most is that she requested each of us to send her ideas for what we liked, and asked us what parts of ourselves we want to emphasize.  Rather than being told what would make us more “attractive”, her focus is on helping her clients show off what they are most proud of.

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S1E11: When in doubt, dance it out

Dance is something the human race has long since used on celebration and unifying occasions.  Nothing releases endorphins quite like shaking your booty, especially with friends! You’ll find no more friendly environment than a Zumba class.  This cardio dance is popping up in gyms all over the country at a rising rate, and for good reason! It’s an interactive fitness class with a high calorie burning rate.  Our interview today is with Cara, a Zumba instructor in Connecticut.  Tune in to hear how teaching Zumba has impacted Cara, and some amazing changes she’s seen in her class attendees!

Find Cara’s classes here: https://www.facebook.com/ZumbabyCara

and here! https://www.cstaffieri.zumba.com

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S1E10: Loving the skin you’re in

Kelsey sells Rodan & Fields, a skin care line that caters to the individual nuances that skin can have.  After finding relief in the product herself, she began selling these products to share the relief and satisfaction she had after trying the line! You can find the website here:


Here are some of those before and after photos from her products- you can find more on the website.  You’ll hear a reference to a party in March- Kelsey let us try the facial products!

kelsey 1

Kelsey before and after the lash blast serumkelsey 2

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S1E9: Baby goats & happy baby

What better way to increase your endorphins than combining yoga with baby animals? What if the proceeds benefited rescue farm animals? Hear about Nadeau Farms, a farm full of animals in need of love in Hamden, CT.  The farm takes in farm animals in need from all over the state.  Classes help to pay for the feed and care of these animals, and take place on weekends starting April 14.  Leah Hilton tells us the story of the farm and how downward dog was brought to the farm.  Sign up for classes on eventbrite:


Check out their website http://www.nadeaufarm.com/ for more information about the farm, goat yoga, and how to volunteer! I know I’ll eagerly volunteer my services for snuggling those new babies this month.  The merchandise also helps benefit the animals- what a great way to show your support!

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S1E8: Happiness inside and out

Last month was all about the traditional helper jobs.  This month, we’ll be focusing on professions and services that help with external care, which in turn can impact how our mind feels.  Nutrition, fitness, and care for our skin and bodies is directly correlated to how our brain functions.  Our next segment is about just that!  This week I’ll talk about why this matters to me, and my top 5 self-care practices in this area.

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S1E7: 1 Title, 3 different kinds of happiness

If you’ve tuned into the first few episodes, you’ve heard that I am a school psychologist, and maybe a few aspects of my job.  But what is  a school psychologist? Is it different than a counselor? How does it differ from a private psychologist?  Tune into episode 7, where I sit in on a panel with two members from my graduate school cohort.  Our three different positions mean three very different populations and services to help our students and parents find happiness! Hear us discuss school psychology, happiness, babies, and adulthood milestones.

Left to right: Jena, me, Steph, and our main man Duncan circa 2015

Stephanie mentions Brene Brown at the end of our interview, an author and researcher who studies courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can find her website here:


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