S1E1: Happiness & landscaping

Welcome to our first episode of Watered Grass! Thanks for tuning into my shiny, new toy.  Listen in to this episode for the who, what, where, and why of this podcast about happiness.  Learn why I’m obsessed with happiness, and a quick story of how I maintain my own in the face of job insecurity.

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Keep watering that grass!

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The Subjective Happiness Scale

In my interviews, you’ll hear us talk about a scale that each interviewee completes for me.  I’m a psychologist, I had to! This scale is free and available for all noncommercial use.


Lyubomirsky, S., & Lepper, H. (1999). A measure of subjective happiness: Preliminary reliability and construct validationSocial Indicators Research, 46, 137-155. The original publication is available at http://www.springerlink.com.