S4E34: Moon Rituals with Transformational Life Coach Jessica Rylee

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This week I chat with Jessica Rylee, Transformational Life Coach. On the coattails of last week’s episode, we continue to chat about the moon phases and how they might influence our self-care. This episode, we dive specifically on the practices that can be done during the different phases to get in tune with ourselves and the energy of the world around us.

At the beginning of this pandemic, we had to give ourselves a little grace.  Grocery stores had empty shelves, gyms and studios closed, and our schedules were turned on their heads. Understandably, our daily habits and commitments took a back seat while we sorted life out.   The good news is- getting back to our healthy habits isn’t rocket science – It’s actually psychology.  On May 22, psychologist and coach, Diana Fuller, will break down the research so you can get back on track and recommit to your physical and mental health goals.  You will walk away with an effective plan to help you stay healthy and happy.

This is a 60-minute interactive event on Zoom.  Links will be sent to you upon registration.  Register at this link

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S4E33 Harnessing the Moon’s Energy with Nichole of Modern Saint Living

Have you found yourself fascinated by the moon and it’s phases? There’s a reason for it! Particularly for women, the phases of the moon can mimic the phases in our own life cycles- information we can use to decide how to best take care of our minds and bodies. Nichole of Modern Saint Living joins me to discuss this lunar logic.




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Ready to step into this new moon with us? Click this link to get registered for May 22!

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S4E32: Exploring the Dark Side with Becky Mashuta

When getting to know and care for ourselves, we have to explore all sides of ourselves- even the parts that make us uncomfortable. Today’s episode explores Shadow Work, or working through parts of ourselves that we might view with shame or fear, with Becky Mashuta of Becca Rose. Learn how to gently visit, understand, and accept these parts of our personalities and history in today’s episode.

website: www.beccarose.com
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Giveaway: https://mailchi.mp/beccarose/sacred

We’re launching it this week! Don’t miss your chance to sign up for Stress:Managed.  This individual coaching program is here to help you walk out of this pandemic a happier and stronger person that you entered it.  Set up your discovery call here!

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S4E31: Self-Exploration through the Tarot with Mark Iwanicki

We’ve been exploring our personalities lately on Watered Grass, and Mark Iwanicki is here to help us take it a step further. In this episode, Mark introduces us to the tarot, the different constructs that are embedded in it, and teaches us how tarot cards can help us explore different facets of who we are.

Find his site here!

Looking to know more about your own personality, and how to use it to feel less stress and more fulfillment? I’m with you! Check out the Stress: Managed program and sign up for your discovery call at this link.

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S4E30 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Openness

Do you love exploring new places and ideas, or do you stick to what you know? Are you a fan of the arts, and do you crave creative expression? Has the entrepreneur life interested you, or do you prefer working for a pre-established system? These questions help tease out our Openness, the last of the Big Five Personality Test constructs on our list.  Openness is how open we are to new ideas and experiences.  In today’s episode, we’ll explore the different levels of openness, what stresses them out, and how to manage stress depending on when you fall.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you check all the boxes in life, but still feel stressed out? Have you searched for ways to manage your stress, only to be frustrated when it doesn’t work? I hear you, because I was you.  Let’s figure out what’s going to work for you.  Check out Stress: Managed, an individual coaching program that will launch on May 4.  Learn more and set up your discovery call now!

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S4E29 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Emotional Lability

What’s the e-motion of your ocean? Do you ride the waves of different feelings each day, or are you more steady? Do you sweat the small stuff, or do you let things roll off of your back? This week’s episode is about Emotional Lability, or how varied and negative our emotional nature is.  We are all likely experiencing a range of emotions during this shut down, so let’s talk about what different strategies work depending on where you’re falling on this measure of the Big 5 Personality Test!

There are so many online events to help you manage your emotional state during this pandemic! Every Saturday is $7 Saturday, where we support a local business by having a self-care morning with a previous podcast guest.  On Sunday’s, there are mini stress management workshops based on your personality type! Click this link for event descriptions and to register.

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S4E28 Stress-Reducing Strategies for Working and Learning from Home

In this week’s episode, Diana Fuller from Watered Grass and Dr. Lisa Wisniewski of Progress Not Perfection tackle tips for those just starting to work or learn from home. When lines get blurred between our two settings, it’s easy to find our productivity impacted or feel pressured to keep checking off the to-do list beyond our regular hours. Tune in to learn how to keep a healthy work-life balance and stay on track to accomplish your goals from the comfort of home. 

Check out Lisa’s website and podcast here.

Let’s support ourselves and our small businesses during this time! Every Saturday at 10 am on Zoom Watered Grass will collaborate with one of the podcast’s previous guests to share with you a chance to connect and be well. All events are a suggested donation of $7 for those that can, and free for those that can’t.  $5 from each donation supports the small business owner leading us that day – the rest covers ticketing fees so we can present these events!

Get your tickets here

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S4E27 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Conscientiousness

Are you someone who feels energized by cleaning and color-coordinating? Do you feel boxed in by strict schedules? Do you get a rush from checking off your to-do list? This week’s episode is about the next factor of the Big 5 personality construct: conscientiousness.  This factor defines how organized and efficient we are.  Let’s talk about how where you fall on that spectrum affects how you manage stress.

Let’s support ourselves and our small businesses during this time! Every Saturday at 10 am on Zoom Watered Grass will collaborate with one of the podcast’s previous guests to share with you a chance to connect and be well. All events are a suggested donation of $7 for those that can, and free for those that can’t.  $5 from each donation supports the small business owner leading us that day – the rest covers ticketing fees so we can present these events!

Learn more and get your tickets here.

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S4E26 Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Agreeableness

Would you consider yourself a flexible person? When you’re asked to make a decision, do you look to others or look within? Today we’ll be talking about agreeableness- or how cooperative and sympathetic we are. Where we fall on that spectrum can help us identify how we best manage stress- and what grates our nerves like nails on a chalkboard.  We’ll also touch on how the spectrum of this trait can thrive during social distancing.

Lots of online events to are coming up to both manage stress and build community.  Check them out on the website link here!

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S4E25: Stress Management with a side of Quarantine: Extroverts vs. Introverts

When you think about hitting up a party after work on Friday, how does that feel for you? Energizing? Appalling? Somewhere in the middle? In today’s episode, we’ll explore the scale of extraversion, or how outgoing and social we are.  Through some guiding questions to see where you might fall, we’ll then explore how that can affect what works for you to manage stress- and what adds to it.  We’ll also dive into how these personality types can manage time and stress during social distancing for COVID-19

This episode is just the tip of the iceberg!

Staying at home doesn’t mean that we have to miss happy hour! Join me on Thursday March 26th or Saturday March 28th from the comfort of your own cozy home to talk about your fabulous personality and how it can help you to manage stress. Using a personality assessment called The Big 5, we’ll turn the internet into a make-shift meet up. After you take your quiz, a personality profile will be computed with results shared the morning of the event. While you sip your favorite beverage, we’ll discuss how these different personality types handle stress best. Stress is universal, but that doesn’t make stress management one-size-fits-all! With your ticket purchase you’ll get:

  • 1 personality profile (valued at $49) that will outline your unique personality and the stress-management strategies that match it
  • Support local brewery Better Half Brewing- who was supposed to host this event! Due to the current global health concerns, small businesses are taking a hit. Help a local small business through these challenging times! $12 from every ticket (what would have been a beer and a slice) will go to this awesome establishment
  • The chance for some serious prizes. If you attend with my favorite style of beer (think lager, IPA, stout, blonde…) you will get an extra discount off of a future in-person event
  • Once you buy your ticket, you’ll get sent to a link to a personality assessment in your email box! Please complete it at least 24 hours prior to the event so that I can calculate your profile. You’ll receive the results from your personality profile and the link to the Zoom chat room from me via email the morning of the event.
  • Register for the 26th here
  • Register for the 28th event here

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