S4E23 Making Self-Care Stick: A Value-able Self Assessment


What makes life worth living for you?  When I first started attempting self-care, I took this wild buckshot approach- not because I didn’t know what to do, but because I didn’t know enough about myself to choose the right fit.  One of the biggest steps to that was to identify what my real values were and ask myself whether or not they were guiding how I was living.  This took the sweat out of a lot of major and minor life decisions! At the end of the episode, I’ll walk you through an exercise to define your values. Or, use the worksheet here:

Define your values

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S422 Making Self-Care Stick: Nice to Meet Me

The process of choosing our self-care can feel like another chore if we aren’t sure what “self” we’re really caring for.  Trust me, I know from experience.  As a compulsive self-care shopper, I didn’t find out what worked for me until I took the time to understand who I am, without the messages about who I should be.  In this next phase of Making Self-Care Stick, we’ll dive into the different aspects of ourselves that can give us clues for what will sustain our physical and mental health.  First, let’s talk about why this journey is the foundation to happiness.

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S4E21: Learning to Love it All Pt. 2

Last April, I opened up about my journey healing from my long history of disordered eating. The further I’ve delved into my treatment, the more I’ve started to understand some of the experiences and systems that sustained my difficult relationship to my body and food for so long. In this episode, I share my experiences with the hopes to educate not just about eating disorders, but about how layered the process of loving ourselves is.


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S4E20: Online Dating Self-Care with Abby Fiocco

In the digital age, dating has changed drastically.  Love can literally be at your finger tips, but so can an overwhelming number of wrong matches.  Today I talk with Abby Fiocco about the dating scene and what it was like to work with a dating coach to find the right fit.

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S4E19 Making Self-Care Stick: Making a Strong Pairing

Each week on Making Self-Care Stick, we break down the psychology of forming happier, healthier habits.  This week we talk about the concept of pairing- or taking an already established routine and adding a new habit to it.  Tune in to learn more!

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S4E18: Sexual Health Care as Self-Care with Kate Rooney, Nurse Practitioner

In this week’s episode we dive into the relationship between our sexual health and our mental and physical health with Kate Rooney, Nurse Practitioner. She explains the range of services that fall under reproductive health and we talk strategies for caring for your mind and body under that umbrella.

Speaking of love, next month’s Book Club is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman! Click here to register and chekc out the other upcoming titles.

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S4E17 Making Self-Care Stick: Bringing In the Reinforcements

On Making Self-Care Stick, I break down the psychology of habit formation for healthier, happier habits.  This week we’re talking about reinforcement! Reinforcement is anything that you add that increases the likelihood that you’ll do a behavior.  It can be positive (like adding in a reward) or negative (like an alarm you want to turn off).  I’ll break down the pros and cons of each style in this week’s episode!

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Speaking of habits and your vision for 2020- I’m cohosting a Make Your Own Dream Catcher night with Stephanie Anderson on February 5 at Better Half Brewing Company in Bristol, CT.  Find out more and register here!

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S4E16: Acupuncturist Michael Thorns

As a registered nurse, Michael Thorns was already familiar with how to heal with needles from the western perspective before becoming a licensed acupuncturist. In today’s episode, Mike talks about what inspired him to make the switch, what acupuncture is, and what it can treat.

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S4E15 Making Self-Care Stick: Being Accountable to Our Happiness

Each week of the Making Self-Care Stick series is focused on the psychology of forming healthier and happier habits.  On this week’s episode, let’s talk about accountability.  Being accountable for our goals keeps us motivated through the tricky early stages of starting something new.  Tune in to get ideas on how to hold yourself accountable to your happiness!

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S4E14: Sami Jo Jensen of Florapothecarie

Meet Sami Jo Jensen, creator of Florapothecarie- the 100% natural & vegan beauty skin care line. Sami hand creates each formula for her products after being shocked by the toxic ingredients in our everyday skin care lines. Tune in to learn about what goes into her creations, and how this step in self-care helped her rid toxicity in other areas of her life!

You can find the website here to get your hands on her products!

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Speaking of habits, don’t forget to tune in for Making Self-Care Stick! Every Thursday I’m breaking down the psychology of forming habits that help us lead happier, healthier lives.  Up next: setting up the right rewards to keep you motivated. Tune in January 9th!


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