S5E1: The Surprising Effects of a Bad Night’s Sleep

The most impactful change comes from the small steps we take each day towards health and happiness, not the giant overhaul. Season 5 is going to be all about the day-to-day practices that can help us manage stress and feel better in our bodies.  Today’s episode kicks off our first topic: the surprising effects of a bad night’s sleep.

I’ll be sharing the small shifts that have big impact on sleep on August 13! At this free workshop, I’m sharing a sleep tool that will help you shift your night routines and home so that you can get the restorative sleep you need.  Register by August 6 and receive a free, curated list of my favorite sleep meditations, music, and products. Claim your spot here

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S4E42: Debunking the Myths of Reproductive Health with Jennifer Fay

The lessons we learned in our teen years about sex, menstruation, and everything waist-down can be practical, laughable, or even grossly inaccurate.  In this episode I once again chat with Jennifer Fay of Rooted Ground, and we’re fact-checking the reproductive health “lessons” submitted by listeners.  Stay tuned through the end of the episode where Jennifer shares some mind-blowing facts about womxn’s bodies!

Ready to take it a step further and feel responsive to your body and its’ needs? Join us for Self-Care through the Menstrual Cycle on July 23rd on Zoom.  Replay tickets also available, and all attendees receive a free workbook to create a customized self-care menu for each week of your cycle.  Click here to claim your spot!

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S4E41 Justin Mitchell of Ball Headz

In this week’s episode I speak to Justin Mitchell of Ball Headz. Ball Headz is an organization that works with local youth to teach them how to apply principles of mindfulness to all aspects of life. We talk about the different services he provides, and how mindfulness can help all of us cope with the stress that 2020 has brought.

You can check out Ball Headz here!

Don’t miss out, register here for Self-Care Through the Menstrual Cycle!

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S4E40: What Transformed My Stress and Anxiety

5 years ago, my brain stayed locked on work 24/7. I was experiencing chronic headaches, terrible sleep, and a constant case of butterflies in the stomach. In today’s episode, I share the 4 powerful shifts that helped me to release the butterflies and stress, finding more joy in each and every day. Tune in to learn what they are!


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S4E39: Marrying My Coach, Phoebe Mroczek

In this week’s episode, I’m talking to my one and only- and by that, I mean my coach Phoebe Mroczek.  Podcaster, author, and transformational strategist, when I found Phoebe online I knew that she was the coach for me.  What I didn’t know is how coaching would take me beyond the achievements I desired, but ask me to evaluate the journey along the way.  Tune in to learn about what it was like to work with a coach, and the differences between individual and group coaching experiences.

Speaking of coaching, if today’s episode left you energized and ready to start your own self-love journey, I have just the place to start.  Starting July 6 I’ll be running two group coaching programs that I am incredibly excited about.  Meaningful Mornings and Nourishing Nights will help you design personalized routines so that you can feel your best morning to night!

And guess what? 

I’m running an exclusive deal for those that register for both.  If you’d like to learn more, check out this link or email me at dianabfuller@outlook.com

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S4E38 How I Found My Coach

Over the past few months, Watered Grass has grown quite a bit. From events to coaching programs, the reason I was able to grow so much is because I began working with a coach in January of 2020. What is a coach and how do you find one? Tune into today’s episode to learn more.


Since March, have you experience one (or more) of the following?

  • Racing thoughts
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • More pessimistic than usual

In the past 3 months we’ve faced some new and chronic stressors that are unlike anything that we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. It not only impacts the outside world, but also can take a toll on our brain over time.

In this free mini-workshop, psychologist and coach Diana Fuller of Watered Grass will be sharing quick, easy-to-implement strategies to help you get your head back in the game.

This online workshop will come with a free PDF of the strategies shared. A link to the Zoom event will be sent with your confirmation email.  You can also register to receive the replay if you can’t make the live event!  Register here.

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S4E37: Self-Care Through Our Cycle with Jennifer Fay

Anyone with a uterus can testify that our bodies and minds are not the same week to week- that’s the magic of the menstrual cycle. In today’s conversation with Jennifer Fay of Rooted Ground, she teaches us about what’s going on internally during those different phases, how to care for ourselves during each of those times, and also discusses the power of knowing our bodies.

Find her website here, and follow her social media @rootedground




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S4E36: Pandemic Lessons & Blessings, Pt. 2 ft. Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

In the last episode, I talked about the emotional roller coaster that goes with a global pandemic; now, what happens when you put several together people in a home while on that roller coaster ride? Today I talk about just that topic with Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, alternative holistic counselor, artist, doula, and author.  How can we make communication a little less fuzzy during this delicate time? Tune in to learn more.

*Please note: this episode was planned and recorded prior to the current racial injustices and protests; thus, it only touches on our personal experiences with the health pandemic and quarantine.  As a podcaster, I intend to amplify black voices on the topic of racial injustices and will continue to share resources from black speakers and wellness practitioners.  *

You can find Shannon’s website here, and follow along on social media @moyer_and_co

There’s still time to donate and attend tomorrow’s event, featuring Kelvin Young and Erica Wilcox.  100% of proceeds will benefit BEAM.  Please click this link below to learn more and register.

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S4E35: Pandemic Lessons & Blessings, Pt. 1

This pandemic has flipped life (as we knew it) upside down.  While the way the impact affects us can look different, most of us are experiencing a similar roller coaster: the grief cycle.  Grief does not just happen after a death, but any change or end to something that played a large role in our lives.  From routines changing to separation, we’ve had a lot of change in the past 2 months. In today’s episode I talk about why we’re grieving, what that looked and felt like for me, and what lessons I’ve gotten from all of this.  

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S4E34: Moon Rituals with Transformational Life Coach Jessica Rylee

This week I chat with Jessica Rylee, Transformational Life Coach. On the coattails of last week’s episode, we continue to chat about the moon phases and how they might influence our self-care. This episode, we dive specifically on the practices that can be done during the different phases to get in tune with ourselves and the energy of the world around us.

At the beginning of this pandemic, we had to give ourselves a little grace.  Grocery stores had empty shelves, gyms and studios closed, and our schedules were turned on their heads. Understandably, our daily habits and commitments took a back seat while we sorted life out.   The good news is- getting back to our healthy habits isn’t rocket science – It’s actually psychology.  On May 22, psychologist and coach, Diana Fuller, will break down the research so you can get back on track and recommit to your physical and mental health goals.  You will walk away with an effective plan to help you stay healthy and happy.

This is a 60-minute interactive event on Zoom.  Links will be sent to you upon registration.  Register at this link

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