A Month of Gratitude Guided Daily Journal


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Gratitude has so many benefits for us– from improved moods, to deeper sleep, and even higher feelings of optimism! But how do we build it into our busy lives?

In Watered Grass’ A Month of Gratitude Guided Daily Journal, you’ll find a practical yet satisfying way to build your gratitude practice.  Over the course of 28 days, you’ll dive into guided prompts that not only help you to cultivate gratitude, but also coach you through questions to help you develop a practice that lasts after the journal is full.  These prompts were created to serve those that are new to gratitude practices, or just looking to refresh their current practice.  They fit well into a morning or evening routine– or could be the first step towards building one!

About the author: My name is Diana Fuller-Dupont, and I’m the one-woman band called Watered Grass L.L.C. I’m a daily self-care strategies coach that is passionate about helping her clients unlock their happiest selves through small, impactful, and personalized health habits. I believe that there is momentum behind consistent baby steps towards health and happiness. I also believe that a major key to mental health is knowing and embracing the different facets of who were are. I love guiding clients on their journey to get reacquainted with themselves, and witnessing the revelations about self-care based on their unique constellation of traits and stories. You’ll find that I’m particularly passionate about creating daily routines that help us care for our mental and physical health.

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