A Month of Self-Care: Daily Guided Journal


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If you’ve had a new self-care practice in mind but have struggled to either initiate or sustain it, this journal is for you.  Building in time for ourselves can be challenging in today’s busy world; but challenging does not mean impossible.  This journal will walk you through the steps of establishing your new practice and keeping the momentum going for a full month.  This journal works for all new habits, both big and small, that benefit your physical and mental health.  Inside expect to find:

  • Forward-thinking pre-work that will help you put structures in place to help you start and sustain this new practice with ease
  • Reflective prompts to help you go beyond just whether or not you did it, but how it impacted you and what could make the practice better
  • Summative questions to support you taking this new practice forward once the journal is full.

All questions included come through the lens of the author’s two backgrounds: school psychologist and daily self-care coach.  The tools included are founded in human behavior, and created in a compassionate way to make building new habits sustainable and impactful from start to finish.

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