Ready to share your story?

2020 united us in ways we never expected. Who would have thought that we’d end up with a shared story that includes a deadly virus, a rollercoaster of an election, pivotal moments in social justice, and a toilet paper shortage. (I was going to mention a man with a love of tigers and schemes, but I didn’t want to get sued.)

In other ways, our stories are totally unique, which makes it so valuable to share them. From the pandemic brides, to the small business owners, to the essential workers- there are so many different journeys that have happened since March 2020. Each has lessons about humanity, emotional health, and resilience that is important to share.

The second half of Season 5 wants to highlight your story. Keep in mind- we will be discussion emotions and mental health, so fill out the form below if you’re ready to get real. I’ll send you an email to schedule a follow up!

Let’s make something together.

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