Published December 14, 2019

Sometimes, self-care is not as deep as a full podcast episode.  On Saturday’s I’ll be delivering short posts on self-care, mental health, and self-love.  Because weekend email should be extra kind!

It’s the holidays! This festive time of year, we should be giving, social, and extroverted as all heck, right?

Well, if so…I’m doing it wrong this year.

If Hallmark and advertising companies want us to believe anything, it’s that we need to spend this time of year doing. Visiting. Buying.  ‘Tis the season for grand gestures and celebration! But is that really what this season is about?

Before the holidays became super commercialized, this time of year used to be about turning inwards. After the hard work of the previous year, this was a time of introspection.  Reflecting on all there was to be grateful of over the past year.  It was about spending time in the house, enjoying the fruits of our labors and company of our homes. As the days got shorter, and the temperatures got colder, it was a time for rest.

Knowing that, I think it’s okay to give ourselves some lenience.  Do you feel inclined to stay in? Sleep a bit more than usual? Indulge in cozy activities? Be gentle with yourself; your body is just taking a cue from nature. Give yourself the gift of rest.  It’s okay to feel a bit introverted this time of year.  Be kind to yourself- it’s a season of snow days for a reason!

I’ve given in to let time pass a little more slowly.  I’m reading more, just for the joy of it.  I’m savoring the time with my family, and cooking cozy meals.  I’m indulging in my desire to sleep.  And it’s making me much happier than pushing myself forward in a way that feels unnatural when sundown is before dinner.

Take care and stay cozy,

Diana Fuller

Host of Watered Grass